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About Us

About Our Company

Hana Software is the leader in providing point of sale, website, ecommerce and marketing solutions to florists across the USA. We’ve developed a comprehensive business solution to florists looking to take their independence back from wire services that are gobbling up our market.

Unlike wire services, we prioritise product quality and our customers’ happiness, over profits and that’s why our promise to you is that you’ll never be let down by our services or products. By allowing florists in our network to express their creativity, without sacrificing on profit margins, we are able to produce the most beautiful bouquets that any florist will be proud to put their name and reputation on.

When you orders through us, the local partner florist receives 100% of the order value, which means they are free to let their creativity go without skimping on any detail. Ask any florist who relies on wire services if he or she has that freedom and you’ll hear a resounding “No” That also means that when you buy from us, you are supporting small businesses that are the lifeblood of the floral industry in the USA.

What’s more, our fanatical customer support means we’re always a phone call or email away to address any questions, special requests or complaints you may have. Trust Hana Florists to deliver the goods on the big event and we guarantee to make that special day extraspecial!

The Hana Difference

  • The best possible value for the flower buyers.
  • The local florist receives 100% of the flower order value, which allows them to use more expensive flowers, more blooms, better packaging and more impressive bouquets.
  • The opportunity for flower buyers to select a local florist of their choice.
  • Creative freedom for the florists to create their own designs and price them in a competitive way.
  • The opportunity for the flower buyers to order directly from a local florist, with 24/7 availability over the internet
  • We believe that the only charge you should ever pay for using our services is the transmission fee, which contributes to the website operation and promotion.

The Hana approach means putting customers first, reworking the way people send flowers across USA and Canada. With more and more customers discovering the direct way of connecting with local florists, it’s an approach that’s working wonders.

Florist Reviews

Every customer and each order matters to us and the local florist, which is why we utilize a star rating system to keep standards high. For each order placed, flower buyers are asked to rate the service received,which means the local florist is accountable for every order they deliver. And, because customer ratings and review comments can be seen by the potential future customers, it’s in the interest of the local florist to deliver a good quality design each time.

Hana Florists’ different way of doing business

Unlike the other “order gathering” services, where prices are set by the flower gift companies, without consulting the individual florists, or without considering individual overheads or costs, Hana Florists allows each florist to set their own prices, allowing them to make the most of local flowers and special offers. This results in more competitive prices.

Neighborhood Flower Delivery areas :

Chicago Los Angeles New York Philadelphia Phoenix San Antonio Houston